Fruitfull  has a variety of flavors to choose from, and three types of bars: juice,  cream, and yogurt.  All natural ingredients, Fruitfull adds no white  sugar or high fructose corn syrup . They do add huge chunks of fruit,  use only purified water, and are GLUTEN FREE.  As little as 60 calories  per 4oz. bar. Several flavors available; including Strawberry juice,  Lime, Watermelon, Tropical Splash, Strawberry cream, Coconut cream,  Blueberry yogurt, Chocolate yogurt, and many others.

Hershey's  Creamery is over 100 years old and well known on the east coast for  their rich ice cream. Their ice cream parlors have been popping up more  and more throughout the midwest, and Hershey's Ice Cream is served in  many fine area restaurants. Hershey's novelties are made with a higher  butter fat content than must and a larger portion size.

We  carry a variety of these quality and delicious Hershey's (4-6 oz)  ice cream novelties at very reasonable prices. Includes various flavors  of cones, stick bars, sandwiches, and cups.